New York Travel and Getaway Blog Roundup

    1. Ithaca-gorges-t-shirt
      This is a pretty good find.  Four different bed and breakfasts in Ithaca are offering a free night’s stay this Spring to hybrid drivers.  Why not rent a Prius and enjoy a cost-effective weekend upstate? [I Love NY Blog]


    1. Check out 111 New Yorkers talking about where they’d like to escape to … and why. [NY MAG]


    1. Is Buffalo a realistic Spring getaway destination?  The New York Post thinks so! [NY Post]


    1. With the recession on, Atlantic City is offering deeper discounts than ever before.  [NY Daily News]


  1. Find out how Twitter is helping travelers the World over — with timely advice from strangers. [NYT Frugal Traveler]
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