NYC Winter Time – Cold Weather Wintertime Getaways

Screen shot 2011-10-28 at 8.15.56 PMNYC in winter can be both rewarding and trying… …

Anyone who’s lived through a shut-down-the-city snowstorm knows that a cold winter’s day can be the best of times and the worst of times.  Of course, many people opt to leave the city entirely – either on the weekend or for the entire winter season. The NYC winter time season can mean getting away to Puerto Rico or riding it out in Manhattan – or some combination of both. Flee New York has several options for making your time in the New York winter worthwhile.

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If snow, mountaineering, and frigidly beautiful scenery appeal to you, then the Catskill mountains should be your destination. [Catskills in Winter]

For the polar opposite, consider a last minute flight to the Caribbean.  Often during the winter, airline will slash their rate to some amazing destinations in Mexico, the Virgin Islands, and beyond.  To watch for timely bargains, airfare watchdog’s New York page is your best bet. [Airfare Watchdog NYC]

Want to stay closer to home but still have a cold weather adventure?  The outer reaches of Long Island are actually quite charming if you visit Montauk after the mercury drops. [Montauk in Winter]