Water Taxi Beach: Flee New York in New York

It’s June and the summer heat is descending on Manhattan and the other four boroughs of NYC.  And sometimes, you don’t have the time or money to make a proper getaway or day trip outside the confines of the Big Apple.


If you’re looking for a quick, affordable 4-6 hour respite from the city pavement, you might do well to hop on a city water taxi and head to Long Island City.  Abutting the taxi landing is a real sand beach and bar — complete with a volleyball court, picnic tables, DJs, and of course frozen margaritas —  it’s known as Harry’s Water Taxi  Beach and offers a great spot to watch the sun set over Manhattan while enjoying yourself in a beach-style atmosphere.  It’s popular with the hipster set, but if you go during a weeknight, you can avoid some lines and get a quiet, perfect view of the skyline at sundown.

To get there, just take any water taxi to the Long Island City, Queens stop and you’re as good as there!

LINK [NYC Water Taxi Beach]