Fleeing New York For The Weekend or Longer? Here’s The Latest on Interesting Options.

The New York Post’s travel section is running a great series this year on getaways to all 50 states. [50 States, 50 Stories – NYP]

New York Magazine has some tips on the plummeting cost of a luxurious weekend in Miami. [5-Point Weekend Escape Plan: Upscale Miami]


Want to Flee New York in New York?  Why not make plans to do something no one’s done in eight years?  The Statue of Liberty’s Crown is will again on July 4. [New Yorkology: Statue of Liberty Crown Reopening]

Curious about our ugly step-sister to the South?  The New York Times spent a weekend exploring the latest interesting stuff in Philadelphia.  Their assessment?  “Philadelphia’s evolution from day trip to destination city is such that you can spend a long weekend there without visiting any 18th-century sites, and not even miss them.”  [36 Hours in Philadelphia – NYT]

And this is probably the most useful link of all.  Check out this comprehensive list of websites that the NYT’s “frugal traveler,” Matt Gross, uses to do his travel research.  There were a couple interesting sites on the list we hadn’t seen before, such as Oanda.com — a one-stop shopping spot to compare the latest foreign exchange rates. [Research: The Traveler’s Best Friend – NYT]