Hiking NYC? Try the Urban Trail Conference

It’s actually nice out today (no ice storm yet).  And while it might be a little late to plan to get out of the city today, you might consider taking a hike here at home.  We just stumbled on the Urban Trail Conference website and it looks like a fun organization that organizes walks and hikes all around the five burroughs.

This weekends UTC itineraries look pretty fun:

Sat., Dec. 15  –  GREENBURGH NATURE CENTER.  6-7 miles
easy hike.  Drop off point available. Interesting place with a
manor, orchard, garden, display of animals indoor/outdoor, woody area
with nature trails.  Bring lunch/hot drink.  NO SMOKING ON
HIKE.  Take D or #4 train to Bedford Park and meet at Bedford Pk
Blvd., front of #4 train exit. by bus stop W20.  Bus leave at
11:00 AM!  Fare: NYC MetroCard, train from Hartsdale $6.25/Srs.
$4.25.  Leader:  Rolande Chapeau.  Non-members:  $3.


Sun., Dec. 16  –  RIVERSIDE PARK.  A moderate, 3-mile,
level walk from 116th St. to 66th St. followed by a nice bowl of hot
soup (or whatever) at Ollie’s.  Meet 10:30 AM inside the Broadway
and 116th St. subway station, but outside of the turnstiles.
Optional small contribution for Riverside Park Fund.  Will take
place no matter what the weather, but call or, preferably, email me
beforehand to make sure that the walk is on.  No pets; no
smoking.  Joint with AMC.  Leader:  Bob Susser,
212-666-4371; rsusser@aol.com.

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